Short pulse laser processing

Short-pulse laser processing is processing of ultra-fine slits of 10 to 20 microns on the tip of the blade that cuts bread and film. It improves sharpness, creates beautiful cross-sections on food, and also has the effect of extending the life of the blade!

Feature 1 Create a trigger for cutting with ultra-fine slits and create a beautiful cross section!

For example, short-pulse laser processing that can be used for blades that cleanly cut sandwiches. The cutting edge depth and pitch width can be freely adjusted according to the material of the processed material and the shape of the surface to be processed, not limited to bread.

Feature 2 Capable of cutting films without sacrificing sharpness. It also prolongs the life of the blade!

By creating periodic notches on the cutting edge with short-pulse laser processing, it is possible to cut bread and films without losing sharpness. Also, because the slit is deep, it also has the effect of extending the life of the blade. In the past, we received a report from a factory that used to polish once every two to three months, and that they no longer need polishing for two years after using short-pulse laser processing.