About Us

Micro Dimple Process is provided by WPC Treatment Co.

WPC Treatment Co. was established in 2005 in California, USA, as a subsidiary of Fuji WPC in Japan. It started to offer WPC Treatment service mainly for the racing industry. WPC treatment reduces friction and improves fatigue strength of metal components such as engine, transmission and transaxle parts.

In 2015, Fuji WPC in Japan developed “Micro Dimple Process” to improve sliding, cleanability, antibacterial properties, reduce surface wear and prevent sticking of foods, medicines and the packaging.

In 2019, Fuji WPC in Japan established Surf Technologies in Japan that specializes in Micro Dimple Process for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

In 2020, WPC Treatment Company was partnered with CTP Cryogenics to provide Deep Cryogenic Treatment service which reduces wear and harmonics, improves electrical properties of materials. It installed a cryogenic treatment machine in house and started to provide Cryogenic Treatment service.

In 2022, Micro Dimple Process is now been offered to food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.