DLC coating DLC-F&D (FDA approval)

DLC coating is a thin film coating of 1 μm. It has excellent wear resistance and lubricity, and can suppress abrasion powder generated by metal rubbing. Our DLC coating is FDA approved.

Feature 1: A diamond-like film that is hard and has excellent lubricity!

DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating has various functions such as high hardness, low friction coefficient, adhesion resistance, infrared permeability, designability, biocompatibility, gas barrier property, and corrosion resistance. , food and machinery are already being used in various places. When stainless steel pieces rub against each other, abrasion dust is generated, but when coated with DLC, almost no abrasion dust is generated.

This treatment is composed of the same carbon and hydrogen as the human body, and is characterized by its excellent biocompatibility, so it can be used safely. As an example of market adoption, it is used for the inner surface of commercially available PET bottles (for tea, wine, and liquor). At our company, it has been adopted for noodle-making cutting blades at a major convenience store, and it is reported that wear dust from scraping is suppressed.

Feature 2 Excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance!

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, but it will corrode in foods with a lot of salt. Corrosion resistance is further improved by applying DLC ​​coating, and since our DLC coating has acquired FDA certification, it can be used safely for parts that come in direct contact with food. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance, and the heat resistance temperature of fluorine resin coating is about 250℃, but DLC coating is about 400℃.

Feature 3 Our DLC coating is FDA approved*

FDA is the Food and Drug Administration, a government agency under the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA is under the jurisdiction of the FDA, including the approval and regulation of food, beverages, and cosmetics sold in the United States, evaluation of safety and efficacy, and enforcement of violations. Appropriate prior notification/registration or approval from the FDA is required before any of these products may be marketed in the United States, and may not be brought into the United States or sold without proper notification, registration, or approval. If you do, it will be illegal.

* DLC that has obtained FDA approval is DLC that is coated after a series of our manufacturing processes (including pre-treatment and post-treatment).